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Canadian Power Toboggan Championships a Thrill in Canada’s Snowmobiling Capital!

The fastest racers in the world? A world-class racing track made of pure ice? Speeds of over 160 km/hr? Head over to Beausejour for the most adrenaline-fueled races in Manitoba!

The Annual Canadian Power Toboggan Championships (CPTC) are a thrill seeker’s dream, kicking off the season every December and the annual heart-pounding event rounding off the season in March!

The 61st CPTC Championships return to Beausejour March 5 & 6, 2023!

The two-day, speed infused, family-friendly event attracts over 100 racers, and thousands of spectators from all over North America to take part in this elite international race.

Racers of all ages and skill levels compete in Stock, Modified, Vintage and Motorcycle classes, from Kitty Kat right through to Pro levels. Up to 18 racers compete at one time, risking life and limb on what is known as the fastest, yet safest, ice oval track in the world.

It takes about 3,700 flax straw bales to line the outside of the entire track. These bales form the barriers which contain the racers inside and keep the track so safe. The track requires 12 to 18 inches of ice, created by flooding the track and pit area. This icing process takes about a week once the weather is cold enough. Over 4.5 million gallons of water have gone onto the course over the years…that’s over 17 million litres!

Anyone and everyone can get their heart racing at the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships – whether you’re a competitor or a spectator! With grandstand seating for 1800 people, heated washrooms, trackside parking, and on-site bar and concessions, it truly is a sight to see and a bucket list must!

Not just heart pounding, the CPTC races come from the heart! This community-based non-profit organization has over 200 passionate volunteers who work tirelessly to put on the “Greatest Show on Snow” since 1963. Many volunteer families span 2 and 3 generations, most of which have grown up racing in the event. Those who have retired from the sport return and give back generously with their time and dedication to making the event a thrilling success, year over year.

Get your tickets online or at the door to witness the best in the world duke it out for the CPTC crown, in Beausejour Manitoba!

For more information, find the CPTC on Facebook and check out the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships website.

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