Welcome to Beausejour Brokenhead! Our Home, Your Home.

Harvest the Past, Sow the Future at the Pioneer Village Museum

Established in 1967, the Broken Beau Pioneer Village Museum recreates a small rural Manitoba community in the early 1900s. Housed within the grounds are buildings originally erected throughout the region including a home, railway station, barbershop, blacksmith shop, one-room schoolhouse, community hall, log home, general store, and more.


Within these buildings are over 3000 artifacts spanning centuries of history of the place now known as Beausejour Brokenhead, including those from native Indigenous peoples, settlers, and mid-century era residents.

Most of the pioneers of this region were of Polish, Ukrainian, or German descent. These pioneers had to face many hardships in carving out the wilderness and learning to adapt to a new way of life. Many artifacts depicting the lifestyle of the early pioneers of the surrounding area are located in these buildings.


The museum restores buildings which would otherwise be lost to disrepair and redevelopment and even grows a field of wheat on site, using a heritage tractor-powered threshing machine to harvest it during the annual Heritage day each August.

Hosting weekly farmers markets throughout the summer months, heritage days, and art festivals, the Pioneer Village does more than just celebrate the rich heritage of Beausejour Brokenhead, it creates new memories for those who visit.


Guided tours are available throughout the summer by appointment, an immersive way to learn about the buildings and artifacts by those most passionate about the rich history and stories contained in this space. Can’t make it out? Enjoy an online tour of the Broken Beau Pioneer Village Museum.

The village is open Monday through Sunday form 9am – 5pm with a $5 entry fee, and 9am – 7pm on Thursdays, with free entry from 3pm-7pm on Thursdays for the weekly farmers market. Cash only at the gate, and cash, debit, or credit options at the canteen.

The Broken Beau Pioneer Village Museum is located at Park Avenue and 7th Street Beausejour, Manitoba. It is primarily operated by volunteers, members of the Broken Beau Historical Society. More information is available on their website.

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Welcome to Beausejour Brokenhead! Our Home, Your Home.
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