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Colin's House Soup

Warm Up Your Winter In Beausejour Brokenhead

Temperatures dropping, leaves falling, bonfires burning – all signs that autumn is upon us and winter is fast approaching. Manitoba’s hot, long summer days have dwindled as we ready ourselves for a crisp prairie winter of sunshine and snow. Whether it’s hitting the trails on a sled, a cross country drive to visit the family cottage, or cheering on your star on ice, you’ll need to warm up! Beausejour Brokenhead has hearty local soups that will do just that.

Back in the day, ‘Mmm, Mmm Good’ tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich was the standard in many homes. For many others, bones are boiled for hours to produce a rich broth base for beef and barley, or chicken and noodles. Vegetables, herbs and spices liberally added for a bowl of homemade warmth. Nowadays, there are many delicious options found right here in the Beausejour Brokenhead region, ready without the can or hours of prep.

Several local establishments offer hearty soups on the menu including classics, new takes on an old favourite, and some internationally inspired and unexpected flavours. Warm up by dining-in at these local stops.

For a new take on a hearty dish, the Airliner Drive-In features a world-famous homemade Cream of Perogy soup! This local favourite has been taken ‘home’ as far away as Revelstoke, BC and never fails to satisfy.

Le Beau Café & Fudgerie offers much more than just great fudge! Le Beau creates a menu that changes every day and offers two mouth-watering soup options with a focus on seasonal ingredients in their made-from-scratch delectable creations. Check in often so you don’t miss out on the artistry coming out of the Le Beau kitchen.

Annette’s Restaurant at the Howland Hotel offers homemade favourites that you can include with a daily special. Bean and Bacon, Borscht, Beef with Barley – every day offers a new hearty soup, homemade goodness in a bowl.

Since 1950, Vickie’s Snack Bar has been a Park Avenue staple, and offers two soup options. A Vietnamese inspired Spicy Beef Ramen (not for the faint of heart!) and a Ukrainian styled Borscht will warm you right up and leave you satisfied from the inside out.

Vicki's Soup
Vicki’s Snack Bar

In a hurry? Fast food icons Tim Hortons and Subway each serve up several soups including Chicken Noodle and Cream of Broccoli. Chili is also available at both chains for a quick pick-me-up on the go.

We need to tell you about our favourite area Chinese food restaurants in Beausejour Brokenhead! Lee’s Village, Fanny’s, and Tyndall Chinese Food each offer Regular and Deluxe Wonton Soups with dumplings, and Hot and Sour Soup thick with tofu and mushrooms. Pair this with your Chinese food favourites and leave warm, happy, and full!

Travelling cross country? New to the region is the Dencross Cornerstone Café located on the #12 and #317 highways.  Their winter menu will entice the adventurous to a steaming bowl of Vietnamese Pho or, their soup-of-the-day is ever-changing, and always worth the stop.

Dencross Cafe Soup
Dencross Cornerstone Cafe

JuliKin’s Restaurant in Tyndall provides their guests with a different pot of homemade delicious soup each week and is a quick and convenient stop for those travelling by on the #44 highway.

Looking for warm and nourishing food when you arrive at your destination? Warm up with soups from these local eateries and chefs making their special creations available for take-home, today!

A menu which combines local ingredients and international flavours, Colins’ House offers Laksa, a Malaysian influenced coconut curry soup filled with seafood, rice noodles, seasonal vegetables, and flavoured with Thai basil.

Colin's House Soup
Colins’ House Soup

Blue Haze Barbecue offers more than just delicious slow-roasted meats. It carries a selection of soups ready to take home, including customer favourites Dill Pickle, Sweet Potato Coconut, Roasted Mushroom Bisque and a Manitoba staple, Borscht.

Former Executive Chef for the Winnipeg Jets, Roger knows his soups. With a little planning, you can have fresh and delicious soups made with local ingredients by ordering from Chef in The House! Order deadlines are Sundays at 11pm and pickups are on Thursdays. Missed the deadline? You can also find these delicious creations at Beausejour Co-Op Grocery and Lockport Grocery.

If cooking for yourself is more your style, pick up a soup kit made locally at Pennyweight Market! Coconut curry, wild rice, pasta fagioli, and more. These soup kits come with everything you need and failsafe directions so even the most novice chef can whip up a pot of delicious homemade soup in no time!

Whatever your reason for visiting, let Beausejour Brokenhead warm you up with a bowl of enticing and appetizing soup available for eat in or take-with-you from our incredible local restaurants and chefs! Check out our restaurant tour on the Driftscape app today! Soup’s on!

Thank you to Deb Dunstan for your research and contribution to the Our Home, Your Home blog!

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Welcome to Beausejour Brokenhead! Our Home, Your Home.
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